I am a single mom raised in the Inner City of Los Angeles and Compton. I have been raised by a hardworking mother and my mom has been in the Healthcare and Beauty industry for over 30 years. Specifically, she was a hairdresser and Nurse who gained the trust of many and her commitment to her profession was second to none. Being around her and seeing how successful she was has helped me develop the likeness for the beauty industry and passion to go into it. Sadly, my mom died of Gastric cancer, and this gave me an extra push to go into the Beauty Supply business so I can continue her legacy and also leave a legacy for my children .

I also drew motivation for  challenging times as a single mother, receiving housing assistance , and loosing my mother at a young age . I always knew that part of my life was Temporary and God had so much more for me  and my children . This was also a drive that help me set up my business. I am committed to showing other single mothers that we too can obtain entrepreneurship and become successful entrepreneurs despite what we faced while growing up.

Ever since I made the decision to start my Beauty Supply Business, I have not looked back and my determination to become successful has been a driving force pushing me through to 

I put in work daily and continue to strive hard for the full establishment and success of the business. I say this to all Single mothers or anyone having difficulties in your life . It’s only temporary. Step out on faith . It Isn’t where you came from . It’s where you’re going  that counts . All those rough times made me better . I say keep God first , a pure heart , blessed others , and do the work . Watch how God change your situation.  Not all of us was dealt the right cards  , but that doesn’t mean you can’t reshuffle them for a better outcome . If he did it for me  he sure can do it for you .